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Miscellaneous Contested Proceedings Fees

Pursuant to Bankruptcy Fee Compendium Revised December 1, 2023 &
Bankruptcy Court Miscellaneous Fee Schedule


Type of Filing Fee Due Additional Information

Motion to Terminate, Annul, Modify or Condition Automatic Stay


  • No fee due for Motion for Relief from the Co-Debtor Stay 
  • No fee due from Child Support Creditor or Representative of such 
  • No fee due for Motion for Court Approval of Agreement to any type of relief from Automatic Stay 
  • No fee due for Renewed Motion.

Motion to Compel Abandonment of Property


  • No fee due for Notice of Abandonment by Trustee

Motion to Withdraw the Reference of a Case or Proceeding (including Administrative case, Adversary Proceeding or Contested Proceeding)



Motion for the Sale of Property Free and Clear of Liens under 11 U.S.C.§ 363(f)