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Unless the federal government is the judgment creditor, the law of the state in which the federal court is located governs the process for garnishments and for most writs of execution . As such, garnishment forms should be filed with the Court using the forms available from the Commonwealth of Kentucky via the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office. To this Court’s current knowledge, not all state forms are available online as the current Kentucky garnishment form is a multi-part form with carbonless copies. For more information regarding the state forms, visit the Kentucky Court of Justice Legal Forms page.

The state forms do require minor modifications when issued by the Bankruptcy Court Clerk  (e.g. reflecting the Bankruptcy Court is the issuing court and correcting the Clerk of Court’s title). The Clerk’s Office is happy to make these modifications when processing the garnishment. In addition to the state forms, a copy of the signed judgment or order from the bankruptcy case or adversary proceeding must be submitted. Filers may remit the required documents in person or by mail, and if doing so by mail, should include a postage paid envelope for return of the forms once issued.