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Local Rules

In 2009, the Bankruptcy Strategic Planning Group Subcommittee on Local Rules for this District decided to modify its approach to Local Rules in accordance with Judicial Conference guidance. They had a number of specific goals with this approach: to rely, as appropriate and applicable, upon the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure and the U.S. District Court's Joint Civil Local Rules without duplication; to separate legal rules applicable in this Court from those that were only administrative or procedural in nature; to renumber the Court’s Local Rules to conform with the Uniform Rule Numbering system provided by the Federal Rules; and to develop a set of Local Rules for this Court that were less vulnerable (minus necessary individual rule modifications via general or standing orders) to the more variable changes of technology or procedure, resulting in a ruleset that would remain current and relevant for a minimum of ten years. 

The Court’s current Local Rules, approved and adopted July 9, 2009, are reviewed regularly to ensure they remain, to this date, both current and relevant to party practice in this District. Filers with this Court are advised that they should be used in conjunction with other relevant documentation provided by the Court, including this Court’s Administrative Manual , the U.S. District Court's Joint Civil Local Rules and other filing requirements information provided by the Clerk’s Office, such as the Attorney Quick Reference Guide and the Filing Requirements sections of this website.

The Local Rules and related documentation are provided in PDF format below: