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Case Information

NOTICE: Please be advised that the Court does not accept inquiries, document filing or other correspondence by email.  All inquiries must be made by phone during normal business hours or by written request by mail with a postage-paid envelope included.  Unless prior permission is received to file by fax or filer is a registered ECF user, all documents must be in paper format and sent by mail or presented in person at the Bankruptcy Clerk's Office in Louisville.


Multi Court Voice Case Information System (McVCIS)

The Voice Case Information System (VCIS)  has been upgraded with a new system called Multi Court Voice Case Information System (McVCIS).  McVCIS allows a caller to access basic case information from any touch-tone telephone at any time by dialing 866-222-8029. There is no fee charged with this service. The information that can be obtained includes the debtor’s name, case number, date case was filed, type of case, trustee, debtor's attorney, debtor’s attorney’s phone number, discharge date, closing date, creditors’ meeting date and whether assets appear to be available for distribution.


PACER (Hearing Calendars and Other Case Information)

Full case information, including 341 Meeting and Hearing calendars, is available on PACER.  There is a fee charged for access to PACER for all documents and reports other than hearing and 341 calendars.  To obtain fee information refer to  the PACER Service Center website or  call (800) 676-6856.  Hearing calendars are available free of charge through PACER; click here for more information about how to access hearing calendars and information.  The PACER Service center also provides access to the National U.S. Party/Case Index , which allows you to search for bankruptcy cases at the national level. Information on registering for these services and the fees charged may be obtained from the PACER Service Center website or by calling (800) 676-6856.


Public Terminal in Clerk's Office

You may also access case information using public terminals in the federal courthouses in each division. Only the the Clerk's Office in the Louisville Division has bankruptcy staff on site; the other divisions have a public terminal available but there are no Bankruptcy Clerk's Office staff present for in-person support and assistance. Phones are available in the other divisions to contact the Louisville Clerk's Office for assistance using the terminals. Public terminals may be used at no cost during normal office operating hours (8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday).  Copies may be printed from the public terminal in Louisville at a cost of 10 cents per page. In the other courthouses, you may view documents but if you need printed or saved copies, we encourage you to obtain a PACER account; alternatively, you will need to order copies from the Clerk's Office in Louisville and provide payment and a postage-paid envelope by mail or come to the Clerk's Office in Louisville to print and pay for copies.


If you require access to court documents in a specific case at this time and are unable to obtain a PACER account or use that account due to disability or other demonstrated circumstances or are unable to afford to access documents via PACER due to financial hardship which you can demonstrate to the Court, please contact the Clerk's Office at 502-627-5700 and leave a message with your contact information.


Information Available by Phone from the Clerk's Office

If you are unable to obtain information from McVCIS, PACER, or the public terminals, you can obtain basic case information for cases filed on or after July 1, 1992 from the Clerk's Office by calling 502-627-5700. There is no charge for basic case information. For requests for information beyond basic case information, a search fee is required plus any applicable copy charges will apply. Please refer to the Fee Schedule for more information.


Information Regarding Bankruptcy Cases and Credit Reports

The Court does not report information to credit reporting agencies and has no jurisdiction over these agencies. The Court cannot alter any information on a credit report or direct the credit reporting agency to do so. You must contact credit reporting agencies directly regarding these inquiries. More information is available on the Court's Bankruptcy Cases and Credit Reports page.


Photocopies and Certified Copies

Photocopies in both active and closed cases filed on or after August 15, 2002 are available from the Clerk's Office. Requests for photocopies of case or adversary proceeding documents can be made in writing, in person or by phone. If the requestor provides a clear document reference (i.e., document number or date document entered where very few documents entered on such date) and the document is available within the Court premises, the Clerk's Office will provide the copies free of any additional search charge; however, any applicable copy charges will still apply. Please refer to the Fee Schedule for more information.

For cases filed before August 15, 2002, photocopies are available from the Clerk's Office directly if the case is still active. For copies in closed cases filed prior to August 15, 2002, refer to the Closed Case Information Page.

Attorney filers now have the ability to request and pay for certified copy requests via CM/ECF.  The new event is located under the Miscellaneous category and is titled Certified Copy Request. Certified copies will be mailed by the Clerk's office the following business day.


Information on Cases Filed Between 1986 and June 1992

Limited information is available on cases filed between between 1986 and June 1992. Additional information on these cases will require a review of the closed case; refer to the Closed Case Information Page. For basic information on cases filed prior to 1986, a search fee would be required.