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General Orders


Date Issued
01-08-2024 General Order 2024-1 Sunsetting of Orders Regarding COVID-19 and Reiteration of the Court's Requirements re: Signatures and Hearing Processes
08-03-2021 General Order 2021-3: Supplemental Order Re: Court Operations in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic - Facility Acces
05-20-2021 General Order 2021-2: Supplemental Order Re: Court Operations and Proceedings in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
01-26-2021 General Order 2021-1: Procedures for Filing Service and Management of Highly Sensitive Documents
06-03-2020 General Order 2020-9: Supplemental Order Regarding Court Operations in Response to COVID-19 and Clerk's Office Hours
04-22-2020 General Order 2020-8: Adoption of Interim Bankruptcy Rules Related to SBRA Interim Rules with Revisions Necessitated by the CARES Act; Notice of Related Amended Official Forms
04-22-2020 General Order 2020-7: Extension of General Order 2020-6 Regarding Public Protection and Clerk's Office Hours
03-27-2020 General Order 2020-6: Administrative Order Regarding Court Operations, the Protection of Court Staff and the Public During the COVID-19 Virus Pandemic and the Means of Filing Pleadings by Self-Represented Parties
03-25-2020 General Order 2020-5: Rescheduled 341 Meetings and Certain Related Deadlines
03-01-2020 General Order 2020-4: Public hours of the Bankruptcy Clerk's Office Through May 1, 2020
03-19-2020 General Order 2020-3: Temporary Modification of Signature Requirements for Debtor's Counsel
03-13-2020 General Order 2020-2: Public Announcement and Order Dated 3/13/2020 Regarding the COVID-19 Virus
01-21-2020 General Order 2020-1: Adoption of Interim Bankruptcy Rules Related to the SBRA of 2019
12-01-2009 General Order 2009-1: Amendments to Local Bankruptcy Rules