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Inclement Weather Policy

During periods of inclement weather, the Clerk's Office may need to reduce business hours or on-site staff. This may include early closings, delayed openings, in-office staff being reduced to a skeletal crew, or in extreme weather, the Clerk's Office being closed for an entire day.

Whenever the Clerk's Office is not open or staffed at normal levels during business hours, a number for emergency matters will be listed on the voicemail message at the Clerk's Office main line, 502-627-5700. Please be advised that emergency matters are those requiring action that same day and does not include basic case inquiries or routine matters. For these, the following resources may be of assistance: calling McVCIS for basic case information at 1-866-222-8029; using a PACER login for detailed case information; or referring to other pages and forms on this website for training materials and reference guides.



341 Meetings will be held as scheduled unless the Court or the U.S. Trustee's Office chooses to cancel them and reschedule the meetings for another date. Please contact the U.S. Trustee's Office at 502-582-6000 or the case trustee assigned to the case for specific information regarding a particular meeting or docket.

Court hearings will generally be held as scheduled during inclement weather unless the courthouse is inaccessible. For information concerning a particular docket, call the Clerk's Office main line at 502-627-5700 and listen to the voicemail message. If court hearings for the day or for a certain Judge have been canceled, this information will generally be included in the voicemail message.