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Message from the Clerk

Dear Bankruptcy Customers,

Welcome to the website for the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Western District of Kentucky. We invite you to explore this site as it provides easy access to the latest bankruptcy news and information, Local Rules, our Administrative Manual, Official and Local Forms, Filing Requirements and Fee Information. There are also several useful links to electronic resources including ECF/Pacer, our Memorandum-Opinion Repository and other reference materials.

As part of our Court’s mission statement, we strive to do justice in four key ways: (1) by providing the best service to the Court, the Bar, and the Public; (2) by processing all bankruptcy matters efficiently and effectively; (3) by aggressively utilizing automated systems to improve efficiency, effectiveness and service to the Court, the Bar and the Public; and (4) by constantly examining, measuring and improving the processes used in the Clerk’s Office.

We encourage and appreciate any comments or suggestions on how we can continue to improve our services. You may reach either Elizabeth Parks, Clerk of Court or Jeanne Lucas, Chief Deputy Clerk at (502) 627-5700.