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Miscellaneous Administrative Fees

Pursuant to Bankruptcy Fee Compendium Revised December 1, 2023 &
Bankruptcy Court Miscellaneous Fee Schedule


Type of Filing Fee Due Additional Information

Reproduction Record or paper

$.50 per page

  • Fee applies to paper copies of original documents, microfiche or microfilm, or electronic files.
  • Fee applies to services rendered on behalf of US only if the record or paper is available through electronic access. 
  • Fee must be collected when faxing documents. 
  • No fee due for copies of documents required by FEMA for victims of natural disasters for emergency aid applications.

Certification Fee


  • Certification fee applies regardless of whether clerk makes certification directly on the document or by separate instrument. 
  • Combined Search and Certification require the clerk to collect both fees as well as copies fees if they apply.

Exemplification Fee


  • Combined Search and Exemplification require the clerk to collect both fees as well as copies fees if they apply.

Reproducing Recording of Proceedings


  • Fee applies to each recording or for each portion of a recording reproduced. 
  • No exemptions for federal agencies if record is available on CM/ECF.

Amendment to Schedules, Matrix or List of Creditors


  • Fee assessed per filing not per change. 
  • No fee to change the address of a listed creditor.
  • No fee to add the name & address of an Attorney for a creditor already listed on schedules. 
  • On a case-by-case basis, the Court may waive the fee for good cause. 
  • No fee when a debtor files a schedule of post-petition debts after converting from a Chapter 13 to a Chapter 7.

Records Search


This fee does not apply to basic case information. Basic case information is that which is readily retrievable through an automated database, docket sheet or similar system. Fee applies to the following:     

  • Inquiries that are not basic case information;
  • Unreasonable or unduly burdensome searches; 
  • A written request that requires a written response generated by the Clerk's office;
  • Searches requested by case trustees (they have access to PACER).;
  • Microfilm/Microfiche searches; and
  • Services rendered on behalf of U.S. if information requested is available in PACER or VCIS.

When the fee applies, the fee is charged per name or per item searched.

Filing or Indexing any Paper not in a case or proceeding or what is commonly known as filing a Miscellaneous Case


  • Fee charged for a request to register a judgment entered in another district. 
  • Fee charged for filing a motion for a protective order or motion to quash a subpoena issued in a case pending in another district. 
  • Fee charged for request to perpetuate testimony concerning a potential adversary proceeding under FRBP 7027. 
  • Fee charged for request to register a discharge order under FRBP 4004 (f). 
  • Fee charged for request to register with the Court a document not in a case or proceeding.

Retrieval from Offsite Storage

First box retrieved $70

Each additional box $43

  • Fee for retrieving a file from Archives to reopen case even if no reopening fee is charged. 
  • If the Court consolidates several cases for disposition but the case files are filed separately with the Federal Records Center, a fee is charged for each file separately stored.
  • If file is stored prior to expiration of time for appeal, no fee is charge for retrieval.
  • Federal Records Center can process on-line requests for copies of archived documents. Fee for electronic retrieval (for small or urgent requests) - $19.90 +$.65 per page.

Returned Check Fee



Transfer of Claim



Motion to Redact a Record


  • Fee assessed per affected case.

Local Rules


  • Local Rules are available on our web site