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Fee Schedule for Electronic Public Access

Pursuant to Bankruptcy Fee Compendium Revised December 1, 2023 &
Bankruptcy Court Miscellaneous Fee Schedule


Type of Filing Fee Due Additional Information
Viewing Electronic records - including documents, docket sheets or case specific reports     

$.10 per page for PACER, not to exceed the fee for thirty pages     

  • Parties in a case (including pro se litigants) and attorneys of record receive one free electronic copy, via the notice of electronic filing or notice of docket activity, of all documents filed electronically, if receipt is required by law or directed by the filer.
  • Charges must exceed $15 in a quarterly billing cycle. 
  • No fees from federal agencies or programs funded from judiciary appropriations including Criminal Justice Act attorney's requests. 
  • No fees from Bankruptcy Case Trustees in the cases in which they are appointed.
  • No fee is charged for access to judicial opinions.
  • No fee is charged for viewing case information or documents at courthouse public terminals.
  • The fee for local, state, and federal government entities, shall be $0.08 per page until April 1, 2015, after which time, the fee shall be $0.10 per page.     
 Electronic access to transcripts and non-case specific reports via PACER (such as reports obtained from the PACER Case Locator or docket activity reports) $.10 per page for PACER            
Electronic access to an audio file of a court hearing via PACER $2.40 per audio file  
Printing Electronic Records at Customer Service area $.10 per page
  • Fee applies to requests for services rendered on behalf of the US if the record requested is available on the Court's electronic access system.
PACER Search

$30 per name searched for every search of court records conducted by the PACER Service Center

PACER reproduction on paper of any record pertaining to a PACER account $.50 per page
  • Fee only applies if this information is remotely available through electronic access.
Returned Check Fee for a check paid to the PACER Service Center for lack of funds $53