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Fee for Reopening Cases

Pursuant to Bankruptcy Fee Compendium Revised December 1, 2023 &
Bankruptcy Court Miscellaneous Fee Schedule


Type of Filing Fee Due Additional Information

Motion to Reopen

Same as fees for initial filing

  • No fee if reopening is due to administrative error or to file an action related to discharge. Actions related to a debtor's discharge are defined as §523 or §727 or contempt motions.
  • No fee if redaction is the only purpose for reopening the case.
  • All other matters must have judicial order waiving the fee.




Chapter 7


Chapter 9


Chapter 11


Chapter 12


Chapter 13


Chapter 15


If reopening filed by U. S. Trustee



If reopening filed by a private trustee or the U. S. Trustee acting as a private trustee

Same as fees for initial filing. See Motion to Reopen above.

  • May be deferred by Court pending discovery of assets.

If installments of the original filing fee are due when a debtor files a motion to reopen, the debtor must pay the remaining installments and the reopening fee.

Remaining installment payments due and same as fees for initial filing.