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To search the memorandum-opinion repository, enter your search terms below, modify any of the available options, and then click on the Search Memorandum-Opinion Repository button. Any search performed will look for your search terms throughout the full text of the available memoranda-opinions.
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Using the different search methods

The search feature of this application allows you to indicate how you would like to search the available memoranda-opinions. Your desired search method can be selected from the Search method pulldown menu above. To further assist you in determining your desired search method, examples of each method are below:

Search MethodExampleExplanation
Search for all words (AND match)word1 word2Return the memoranda-opinions that have both "word1" and "word2" in the same memorandum-opinion.
Search for any of the words (OR match)word1 word2Return the memoranda-opinions that have either "word1" or "word2" in a memorandum-opinion.
Perform a complex search (AND, OR, NOT)word1 AND (word2 OR word3)Return the memoranda-opinions that have either "word2" or "word3", but must also contain "word1". Complex searches are a little more difficult to enter, but will you give more control over the memoranda-opinions returned.