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Rule Changes Effective 12/1/2017

In compliance with the amended Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedures which took effect on December 1, 2017, and specifically BR 3015 and the new 3015.1, the Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Kentucky has elected to adopt the official bankruptcy form for the Chapter 13 Plan. For Chapter 13 cases filed on or after December 1, 2017, the use of Official Form 113 will be required for the plan to be confirmed. Practitioners should also note that the Court intends to review the new plan in approximately six months from implementation to see what, if any, changes should be made to facilitate Chapter 13 bankruptcy practice in the Western District of Kentucky.

Any objection to claim or motion to disallow claim must be accompanied by a separate notice for objections that substantially conforms to Local Form Z / Official Bankruptcy Form 420B. Both the motion / objection and the notice for objections shall be served on the claimant in accordance with Fed.R.Bank.P. 3007(a)(2) and filed with the Court. The correct date for objections to be inserted in the notice by the filer is thirty (30) days from the date the pleading is filed with the Court; date must be reflected in the notice as a date certain. This requirement has been added to the Clerk's Office Administrative Manual as Section 2.10.

Proofs of Claims will now be due 70 days after a case is filed in Chapters 12 and 13 cases as opposed to the previous deadline of 90 days from first date set for 341 meeting. While Chapter 7s are included in the Rule change, Chapter 7 cases are generally opened as no-asset until a later determination. The subsequent notice to file claims retains the 90 day deadline as Fed.R.Bank.P. 3002(c)(5) did not change.

To review a summary list and description of all form and rules changes, click here. For more comprehensive information on the rule changes, click here.


Certified Copy Requests

Attorney filers now have the ability to request and pay for certified copy requests via CM/ECF.  The new event is located under the Miscellaneous category and is titled Certified Copy Request. Certified copies will be mailed by the Clerk's office the following business day.
Inclement Weather
The Inclement Weather Policy includes general information regarding inclement weather and its potential effects on business hours and staffing. For specific information on a day with inclement weather, call the Clerk's Office Main Line at 502-627-5700.
Courtroom 1:
Electronic Evidence Presentation

Effective July 1, 2015:
  All evidentiary hearings/trials scheduled before the Honorable Joan A. Lloyd will require the use of the Electronic Presentation System in Courtroom 1 in Louisville, Kentucky. Counsel will be responsible for providing their own laptop which must have a HDMI or VGA output. Counsel shall 14 days prior to the scheduled evidentiary hearing /trial notify the Court of the need for evidence presentation equipment and schedule with the Court training and familiarization with the evidence presentation system. Parties should contact Courtroom Services at (502) 627-5600 to schedule training.  For a complete Guide and FAQs, click here.
Debtor Electronic
Bankruptcy Noticing

Debtor Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing (DeBN)
is a free email delivery service of notices/orders for debtor(s).  Click here for more information.
Login/Password Issues
For Login or Password assistance, refer to our Login and Password Information Document.
Appropriate Attire
for Court Hearings

Anyone attending a Bankruptcy Court hearing must dress appropriately in business type clothing that is modest and professional.  No halter tops, no soiled work clothing, no mini-skirts, no spandex, no athletic wear, no hats, etc. will be tolerated. 

NOTE:  The Bankruptcy Court reserves the right to continue any hearing if it finds that anyone in attendance is not attired properly.

Wireless Access
The United States Bankruptcy Court provides wireless access to the internet in all of its courtrooms and associated conference rooms in the Louisville Division.
Photo Identification Required in Courthouses
Please be advised that all persons entering the Gene Snyder Courthouse in Louisville, as well as the Federal Courthouses in Bowling Green, Paducah, and Owensboro, will be required to present photo identification. 



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EDR Plan
To view the KYWB Employment Dispute Resolution Plan, click here.

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