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 General Orders 2020 to Present Including Those Concerning COVID-19

Information on Planned CM/ECF System and Network Maintenance

Invitation to the Bar - Survey Regarding the Chapter 13 Flat Fee: The Court is considering changes to the Chapter 13 flat fee structure and is seeking the input of the Bar. Your ideas are an important part of any change that we implement. An invitation to complete an anonymous survey regarding potential changes has been sent to all members of the Bar who are registered filers in this Court. A copy of the questions is available for preview if you would like to consider your answers before completing the survey; you must complete and submit the survey online. If you did not receive an invitation to complete the survey but would like to do so, please contact the Court at 502-627-5700. Clerk’s Office staff will verify that you are a registered attorney filer with the Court and will then resend the survey information. Responses are due no later than May 12, 2021.

Section 341 Meeting Information Related to COVID-19:  The Court has developed a web page with 341 Meeting Information related to COVID-19, including notices of continuance information, a sample notice for those the attorney for the debtor must serve and the U.S. Trustee's 341 Method document. Please be advised that telephonic/video 341 meetings are ongoing at this time and will be for all cases until further notice; see the update on the Court's What's New page.

Information Regarding Credit Reports: The Court does not report information to credit reporting agencies and has no jurisdiction over these agencies. You must contact credit reporting agencies directly regarding these inquiries. More information is available on the Court's Bankruptcy Cases and Credit Reports page.

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