ECF Activity Report for Attorneys and Trustees

The ECF Activity Report for Your Cases is a report available in CM/ECF that will allow you to run a listing of all events, orders and pleadings entered in your cases (the report pulls information based on the CM/ECF login used to access the system, so if you have more than one ECF user login, you would need to run the report for each user login to obtain a complete listing of activity).

Running, viewing and printing the ECF Activity Report for Your Cases is free, but when viewing any docket report or PDF document referenced on the report, regular PACER charges will apply. This report can be helpful if you believe you have not received all e-mail notifications from the Court or if your computer or network experiences a failure and the unread e-mails previously sent to you cannot be retrieved. It does not replace the Court's requirement for all attorney and trustee filers to receive electronic notice; receipt of electronic notice and the maintenance of your user account to include a valid e-mail address at all times are required per L.B.R. 6.2.

Please refer to the following instructions to run the ECF Activity Report for Your Cases.  If you have any questions about the ECF Activity Report for Your Cases, please contact the Court at 502-627-5700.


How to Run The ECF Activity Report for Your Cases

bulletFirst, login to CM/ECF. Note: You must use your ECF login and not the PACER login as your listing as a party in ECF is attached to the ECF login.
bulletCLICK on Reports on the blue CM/ECF Application Bar at the top of the CM/ECF window.
bulletCLICK on ECF Activity Report for Your Cases.
bulletSELECT a date range for the Report.
bulletCHOOSE either the Summary or Full Text option. The Full Text option will display the entire entry on the Courtís CM/ECF Docket Report for each case listed. The Summary Text option will show a brief description for each case/pleading listed.
bulletCLICK Run Report. The Report will display on the next screen. Viewing and printing the report is free; however, PACER charges will apply when viewing any PDF document or full Docket Report for any case listed on the report.

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