CM/ECF Training Manual

The CM/ECF Training Manual will be updated as changes in procedures are made. The most current copy will always be available on this page.  The Table of Contents below corresponds with the training manual used in our on-site training. Click on the section you wish to view and the document will open as a PDF file. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. If you do not have the program, it is available, free-of-charge, at

1. Introduction 8. Objections and Responses to
2. User Maintenance 9. Proof of Claims
3. Bankruptcy Case Opening 10. Batch Filings
4. Uploading a Creditor Matrix 11. Adversary Case Opening
5. Creditors Maintenance 12. Answers to Complaints
6. Motions and Applications 13. Trustee 341 Filings - Chapter 7's
Applications for Compensation 14. Auto Assignment - Judge/ Trustee/ 341 Meeting
  Multi-Part Motions 15. Involuntary Case Opening
7. Miscellaneous Pleadings     
  Notice of Appearance    

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