Administrative Manual
Section 3: Electronic Filing
3.1 Eligibility, Registration and Passwords for Electronic Filing
  (a) Eligibility
    Attorneys admitted to the bar of this Court, including those admitted pro hac vice, private trustees, U.S. trustees and their assistants, and others as the Court deems appropriate, may register as filers of CM/ECF by submitting an Electronic Registration Form, Local Form D.
  (b) Creditors Not Represented
    Creditors who are not represented by counsel may register as filers of CM/ECF for the sole purpose of filing claims, notice of transferred claims, reaffirmation agreements, requests to receive notices and withdrawal of claim by submitting an Limited User Electronic Registration Form, Local Form C.
  (c) Consent to Electronic Notice and Service
    Issuance of a password granting access to CM/ECF constitutes express consent by the filer to electronic notice and service, except with regard to service of a summons and complaint under Fed.R.Bankr.P. 7004. Consent to electronic notice applies to notice of the entry of an order or judgment under Fed.R.Bankr.P. 9022
  (d) Duty to Protect Electronic Filing Password
    Upon completion of the application to register as a filer, the Court will e-mail a log-in name and unique password for use exclusively by the filer and his/her designee. Filers agree to protect the security of their passwords and immediately notify the Clerk if they learn that their passwords have been compromised. Filers may be subject to sanctions for failure to adequately protect their passwords.
  (e) Maintenance of E-mail Addresses
    At all times, filers must maintain their current e-mail addresses in their CM/ECF account.
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3.2 Entry of Court Orders
  (a) Entry on the Docket
    All orders, decrees, judgments, and proceedings of the Court will be filed in accordance with these rules, which will constitute entry on the docket. All signed orders will be filed electronically by the Court or court personnel.
  (b) Effect of Electronically Signed Orders
    Any order entered electronically with a representation of the Judge’s signature has the same force and effect as if the Judge had affixed the Judge's signature to a paper copy of the order.
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3.3 Electronic Signatures
  (a) Signature for Purposes of Rule 9011
    The filer log-in and password required to submit documents to CM/ECF also serve as a signature for purposes of Fed.R.Bankr. P. 9011, the Local Rules of this Court, and any other purpose for which a signature is required in connection with proceedings before the Court.
  (b) Requirements for Signature Block
    Electronically filed documents must include a signature block which includes:
    (1) the name;
    (2) address; and
    (3) telephone number of the filer.
  (c) Requirements of "/S" to Denote Signature
    The name of the filer under whose log-in and password the document is submitted must be preceded by a "/s" and typed in the space where the signature would otherwise appear.
  (d) Unauthorized Use of Filer Password
    No filer or other person may knowingly permit or cause to permit a filer's password to be used by anyone other than an authorized agent of the filer.
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3.4 Notice of Court Orders and Judgments
  (a) Requirements for Notice and Service by Clerk
    Immediately upon the entry of an Order or Judgment in CM/ECF, the Clerk will transmit to filers in the case, in electronic form, a notice of electronic filing which constitutes the notice required by Fed.R.Bankr.P. 9022.
  (b) Notice and Service by Clerk for Non-Electronic Filers
    The Clerk must give notice to a person who has not consented to electronic service in paper form in accordance with the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure.
  (c) Notices to Debtors
    The Clerk shall only serve orders to a debtor that gives notice required under Fed.R.Bankr.P. 2002, which includes but is not limited to the following:
    (1) orders setting a hearing;
    (2) orders of dismissal and conversion;
    (3) orders of discharge; and
    (4) orders of confirmation.
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3.5 Technical Failures
  A filer whose filing is made untimely as the result of a technical failure may seek appropriate relief from the Court through a motion and order, except in the case of filing a Notice of Appeal or Dischargeability Complaint.
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3.6 Public Access
  (a) Electronic Access to Court Information
    Any person or organization may access CM/ECF at the Court's Internet site at after obtaining a PACER log-in and password.
  (b) Limitations to Electronic Access to Court Information
    Those who have PACER access but who are not filers may retrieve docket sheets and documents, but they may not file documents.
  (c) Transcripts and Exhibits
    All transcripts and exhibits must be filed electronically unless impractical. Filers shall contact the Court for alternate filing instructions for voluminous exhibits.
  (d) Prohibition against Use of Information Inconsistent with Privacy
    Information posted on CM/ECF must not be downloaded for uses inconsistent with the privacy concerns of any person.
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3.7 Public Computer Terminal
  A computer terminal is available in the Customer Service area of the Louisville office - Room 450 - of the Clerk’s Office for electronic filing by filers.
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